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The Pete Rose Years – 1986 Topps part 1

September 4, 2010

The Pete Rose Years - 1986 Topps No. 2

The Pete Rose Years - 1986 Topps No. 2

The Pete Rose Years 1986 Topps No. 2 back

The Pete Rose Years 1986 Topps No. 2 back

Sorry for the brief recess. My wife and I are busy making preparations for the arrival of our first child in October. Now on to the cards.

The season after Pete Rose eclipsed Ty Cobb to become baseball’s all-time hit leader, the trading card companies commemorated the feat in many ways.

Topps, the only card manufacture that produced baseball cards throughout Rose’s career, inserted a special subset in the beginning of its 1986 regular set.

This six card set featured thumbnail versions of nearly all of the cards Topps produced of Rose over the years. The thumbnails appeared chronologically throughout the subset.

For the first card in the special set, Topps featured Rose’s 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1966 cards. Rose’s rookie card (top left) also featured New York Yankee second baseman Pedro Gonzalez, Los Angeles Dodger third baseman Ken McMullen and Chicago White Sox short stop Al Weis.

The three other players combined for 2,790 games and 1901 hits in 31 major league seasons. Rose on his own, set major league records for 3,562 games and 4,256 hits in 24 seasons.

In each of these four cards, Rose played second base for the Cincinnati Reds.

From 1963-66, Rose collected the first 723 hits of his career, earned his first all-star appearance in 1965 and was named National League rookie of the year in 1963. He recorded his 500th hit on Sept. 16 1965 against the New York Mets.

My favorite card in this quartet is the 1965 edition. I particularly like the old scoreboard in the background of the photo in addition to the pennant treatment that was used for each team’s nickname and logo.


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