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Mr. Inner-changeable Drill Bit

May 20, 2009
Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals 1998 NFLProSet

Bob Trumpy Cincinnati Bengals 1998 NFLProSet

The first collection of ProSet cards in 1998 included a collection of cards dedicated to NFL announcers. At the time, Trumpy was a member of NBC’s broadcasting crew.

The best part of this card is the first Cincinnati Bengals uniform, which were used from the team’s inception in 1968 until 1980. The helmets were stripeless and featured the word Bengals on both sides of the helmet.

While Cincy has one of the best helmets in the league, it would be nice to see these throwback unis on the field once again. The 60th anniversary of the American Football Conference this season would be the ideal time to breakout these classic unis. The Bengals have dawned these uniforms only one time since switching to the tiger strips in 1981. That was as a part of the NFL’s 75th anniversary celebration in 1994.

As a tight end with the Bengals, Trumpy enjoyed a 10-year career and two trips to the ProBowl. He recorded 298 receptions for 4,600 yards and 35 touchdowns, the last two are still Bengal records for a tight end.

Trumpy however is dubbed “Mr. Inner-changeable Drill Bit” in honor of his usage of the term while host of SportsTalk on 700 WLW AM in Cincinnati. I remember Trumpy repeatedly using the term to describe the practice of rotating players in and out of a team’s line-up. It was quite annoying. Trumpy, who also covered the 1988 Summer Olympics, was otherwise insightful and entertaining.

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